The Kaloidis Law Firm Celebrates Five Years of Excellence

The Kaloidis Law Firm, LLC officially opened its doors and began servicing the legal needs of countless people in  the greater Waterbury area on April 1, 2009.  In the last five years Attorney Kaloidis and his team have aggressively defended numerous people accused serious felony offenses,  relentlessly pursued compensation for people injured at work, and recovered millions of dollars on behalf of people injured in motor vehicle accidents.  The Kaloidis Law Firm Team is committed to your case.  Call now for more information….203.597.0010

Hung Jury in Danbury Criminal Trial

In a case that started with a 17 count information charging conspiracy to commit home invasion, burglary, robbery and other serious offenses, Attorneys Kaloidis and Lipsky fought very hard over a period of four weeks in January 2014 and successfully defended against all charges.  Despite facing 200 years in prison, our client was able to walk out of court a free man due to the hard work and dedication of our attorneys.  When many other attorneys are afraid to take such a serious case to trial, Attorney Kaloidis did so without hesitation.  Attorney Kaloidis continues to fight for the rights of his clients who are accused of serious criminal offenses

Jury Awards $366,000 in Slip and Fall Case

After only several hours of deliberation, a Waterbury jury awarded over $366,000 in damages to a Kaloidis Law Firm client on Friday, May 3rd, 2013.  Attorney Kaloidis filed suit on behalf of his client who was injured when she fell walking down stairs while working for her employer, Employment Options, LLC.  The injured woman lost her balance and reached for a banister which was not properly secured.  Attorney Kaloidis was able to successfully argue to the jury that the defendant, Michele Zurko-Smith, failed to fix the banister despite multiples requests to have the condition corrected.  The requests were ignored by Zurko-Smith and her staff at Employment Options.  Despite the difficulty in proving slip and fall cases, Attorney Kaloidis was able to successfully argue the case on behalf of his client, convincing the jury that not only was the defendant negligent but that her negligence caused the very serious and permanent injuries sustained by his client.

The jury ultimately reduced the award by 20% due to comparative negligence resulting in a final award of over $290,000.  Attorney Kaloidis tried this case with Attorney Jason Lipsky who has joined The Kaloidis Law Firm, LLC in an of-counsel position.


On Wednesday, May 16th, Attorney Ioannis A. Kaloidis secured a not guilty verdict on all counts in a sexual assault case where his client was accused of sexually assaulting his step-daughter over a period of 10 years.  It took a jury only a matter of hours to return not guilty verdicts on all 8 counts against our client.  The firm’s client faced 160 years in prison if convicted.  Attorney Kaloidis was assisted by Attorney Jason Lipsky who acted as co-counsel in this matter.